ohhh, pretty paper!

August 26, 2009

I love wallpaper I just can’t commit to it. I see so many gorgeous patterns but I can’t help thinking I might get tired of looking at it. It just seems so permanent, like a tattoo (I’ve never been able to commit to that either).

I have been really wanting to incorporate some wallpaper into my furniture pieces but the over $100 a roll price tag has scared me off. Enter Julia Rothman for Hygge and West to the rescue. Not only are her wallpaper designs super cute, but they can be bought in three foot chunks! Perfect! I love this. Why aren’t more people doing this?

I ordered three different papers for less than what I would have paid for one roll. I had so much fun! Check out my projects.

Mid Century Modern Table Make-Over


This is what the table looked like when I picked it up at the thrift store for $5. It has a horrible formica top but good lines. I could see some potential.



Oh my goodness! This paper is perfect for this table. It’s modern but with a retro feel.

Bird Song – Modern End Table

I got so excited to work on this piece that I totally forgot to take a before picture. I think it is pretty easy to imagine, though. It was a medium brown stained wood. When I picked this up at Fantastic Thrift for $10, a fellow shopper stopped me in the parking lot and told me she had the same end table and it had cost her $60 new – score!




Nethercote Box

This paper could make anything look cool. I added it to an otherwise ordinary storage box and wow!



Check out Hygge and West’s Blog, Picnics Under the Moon, for more inspiration!



  1. I love these projects! I was planning on doing something similar with the same wallpaper print that you used. How did you attach the wallpaper? Wallpaper glue?

    • You know, I actually bought wallpaper glue but didn’t end up using it. I used Mod Podge Hard Coat for furniture. I used it underneath and then did 5 coats on top. I think it worked really well. But if you use it on a table top I would suggest covering with glass or plexi-glass because I have heard that it doesn’t hold up well to water (if you put drinks down without a coaster.) They sell it at Michaels. Good luck! I think the hardest part is not getting any air bubbles when you lay the paper down!

  2. Congrats on the write up on Apartment Therapy this week! It’s good to see a fellow Richmonder get some props!

  3. Oh, I love the bird paper! I’m getting ready to wallpaper some shelves for the baby’s closet…good to hear Michael’s has some decent paper designs for decent prices!

  4. i’m doing a similar project – thanks for the tip on the furniture mod podge. how did you avoid the air bubbles?

    • oh man, it was nerve racking! try to get the paper placed properly the first time. when you put it down and then lift it up and put it down again – you start to get into trouble. I used a credit card to smooth down the paper once I attached it. If you find an air bubble you can put a tiny pin prick in it and then smooth it down to get the air out. but the thing is, the whole thing looks a little bubbly and bad until it is dry. so at some point you have to just walk away and have faith that it is going to turn out. good luck!

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