make me pretty – antique chair

September 7, 2009

I walked past this chair so many times at the thrift store. It wasn’t until I decided to start my Etsy store that I really took a close look. Man, I am glad that I did! Once you get past the blah fabric and boring brown there is a gorgeous chair underneath.

When I removed the seat to take off the fabric I discovered a bunch of old springs underneath. Neat! I wonder how old this chair is? I painted the chair a creamy off-white and covered the seat in some of my favorite Amy Butler fabric. I had planned on distressing the chair but I changed my mind once I saw it painted. It is just perfect the way it is. It is so clean, almost beachy feeling! love!




  1. Fabulous!!! Was it hard to get the seat off? Did you just staple gun the AB fabric to the bottom?

    • It was really easy to get the seat off. Just four screws. Getting the old fabric off is tedious, but not hard. You have to remove a bunch of staples. I also replaced the padding, because the old stuff starts to smell musty. You can get batting at any fabric store – you can use the same stuff they use for quilts, just fold it over a couple times till you get the desired thickness. Then just staple on your new fabric. It is kind of addictive. I have changed the fabric on our dinning room chairs twice now just because I was bored. I always buy an extra piece of fabric and store it away so if jasper colors on it I won’t have to loose my mind – I can just replace it!

  2. The chair is wonderful!!!

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