jasper’s play kitchen

September 10, 2009

I want my son to be a foodie! My husband and i love food. We love to eat and we love to cook. I would love for jasper to share this passion. I am fully aware that he is going to have picky periods – his dad only ate meat and cheese for years when he was a kid! Anyway, I thought I would encourage a love of food and cooking with a play kitchen. I know there are 5 different plastic play kitchens for sale at the toy store, maybe even more. But I wanted something unique and inexpensive. I wanted a DIY play kitchen.

Here are some of the before components – two storage cubes on clearance at target and a little stove I found at Goodwill for $3.


I found some fun little baskets at Ikea (love!) and I sewed a little skirt from a piece of scrap fabric. I came home with a little plastic microwave from FanTastic this weekend and Jasper immediately cooked his toy bus and sippy cup!




So far it is all about putting things in the storage cubes and taking them out. Putting things in the microwave and taking them out. Chewing on spatulas and pushing buttons. But I think there will be some cooking in the future. Frankie is hoping he gets some good meals out of it!



One comment

  1. Oh that is just toooo good! I should do something similar for our Jasper. Despite our love of food, he seems to hate eating. We think he was switched at birth!

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