the little light from hell

September 22, 2009

I know everyone has had an experience like this. You set out to do something really simple. You think, this is going to take me like half and hour and it is going to be really cool. But it doesn’t end up working out that way. Everything goes wrong and by the end you have developed a irrational deep hatred for some inanimate object. For me, it was this innocent looking lamp.


I got this Dror lamp for half price at Target and figured I would jazz it up with some cool paper over the plastic shade. Easier said than done. I thought I was being careful – I made a template! I usually don’t take the time but I figured the shade was rounded and it might be a little tricky getting the paper the right size. And it all needed to be one piece. So I made the template, cut the paper, applied the glue and disaster. I had put glue on the whole shade and put the paper down but it got stuck on really quickly – I couldn’t readjust the paper at all and I couldn’t work fast enough to get all the air bubbles out. So I ripped off the paper and painfully worked off all of the glue.

Ok, attempt two. I had learned something. This paper was thin and hard to work with. I need to glue only a small section at a time and I might need another pair of hands to help me hold the lamp. This time things went a lot better. I worked the paper trying to get out every last air bubble but it always looks imperfect when it is wet so I kept my fingers crossed and went to sleep. The next morning, ya, the air bubbles were still there. Cursed little lamp!

Attempt three – screw the paper. I am going to use fabric. I had been wanting to try to decoupage fabric and I figured it would be able to put up with more manipulation than the paper. Success. It went on easily. There were no air Bubbles. I got rid of all the loose threads and put three coats of mod podge on top. This fabric was never going anywhere. And I loved how it turned out. Super cute! I am totally keeping this one. It is going on the desk next to my computer. It was all worth it! Until…



I turn the light on and it is pink. PINK! Where is this coming from? The lamp has a pure white shade. The fabric doesn’t have any pink in it. What the heck? That’s it. I am done. I guess I have a pink light. But sure is cute when it is turned off!





  1. I think it’s the lightbulb. Seriously.
    I have an aquarium and there are tons of different bulbs out there that cast different types of light and cancel out certain colors in the light spectrum. Some are crisp and white and some are muddy like the one you have above. I would maybe go for a light blue.

    Is that top panel purple? Maybe that has something to do with it.

    Good luck!


    • thank you! i was really hoping someone would be able to tell me why my light was pink! i will check into my light bulb options and keep you posted!

      oh, and the top of the light – that is just the color the light bulb must be making because it is just the white plastic shade. I didn’t put any fabric on the top of the shade.

  2. Where did you get that great fabric?? I might need to snag a yard or two for myself!

    • it’s an amy butler fabric. i ordered it from http://www.fabricsupplies.etsy.com. they are awesome. they have tons of really cool fabric and they are super fast. my orders show up two days after i place them!

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