give your pooch the glamour treatment

October 28, 2009

Doesn’t every dog want to experience their own photo shoot? Well, my pug Frankie sure does but he loves attention. He would do just about anything to get someone to tell him how cute he is! Luckily, we know exactly who to go to for Frankie’s day in the spotlight.


Our friend, Walker Allen, has started his own pet photography business. Click Frankie’s cute mug above to check out the phodography website. I, of course, am totally biased and think Frankie is the cutest dog in the world but he does have some tough competition on this website. Walker is amazing at really catching each dogs personality.


We were lucky enough to have Walker take pictures of both of our dogs, Frankie and Arroz (yes my dogs name is rice, well arroz con pollo is her full name.) Just getting these two to stand still next to each other is amazing. Walker exudes this laid-back, calmness that my dogs really love and he is super patient and sweet with them. I hope you all will check out his website and consider capturing your dog’s true personality with a phodography photo shoot.


One comment

  1. Love it! They are darling! Many smooches!
    Walker rocks, and it does help that my babies are so photogenic!

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