make me pretty – what would grandma say?

November 4, 2009

First let me say, this is not my Grandma’s table. It looks a lot like a table that belonged to my grandma that now lives at my mom’s house. I might have a hard time re-doing a piece with that much family history, but you know what – I think my Grandma would be proud. She was a super crafty lady. She is the one that gave me my crafty start. When I would visit her she would let me create things with all of the craft supplies she had laying around. It was like Disney Land for me – glitter, lace, pipe cleaners, little plastic chickens, did I mention the glitter?

Anyway, when I saw this table at the thrift shop it totally reminded me of my Grandma and I knew I had to do it up! So I did that thing again, where I get so excited to work on something I totally forget to take the before picture! Kind of ruins the whole “before and after” thing. But I found this image which is very similar except my table was a little worse for the ware.


I knew I wanted to cover the table top with fabric and I thought a nice Amy Butler floral would match the table style. So I got to sanding and painting. I chose a gray paint that matched the fabric nicely. Then I made a pattern for the two table top surfaces with a large piece of paper. I bought a big roll of craft paper ,that is meant for kids to use for coloring, at Ikea, that has really come in handy for pattern making. Then I cut my fabric and used Mod Podge to adhere it to the table. Two cotes on top sealed the fabric well.


Next time I promise to remember to take a before picture! Happy crafting!

PS – You can find this table for sale on Etsy.


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  1. This just kicks ass!

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