make me pretty – mid-century end table

November 10, 2009

I was in Charlottesville this weekend and I almost bought this little table to re-do at this awesome store, Circa. I was debating it and I asked Jason what he thought and he said something really insightful – “That table is already cute.” He was right. I know I could have made it better but it was cute just as it was. I think my strength is finding the pieces that really need help. The ones that no one wants anymore because they have lost all of their appeal.

I think this end table fits into that category. I found it at the thrift store and knew right away what I wanted to do. I have been dying to paint something green, it’s my favorite color, and I had this amazing Japanese fabric that worked with my plan. I knew I would need to replace the drawer pull and thought I would head over to Anthropologie and splurge on something really cool.

Here is the what the table looked like when I got it.


I made some small repairs, painted it green and put fabric on the front of the drawer. I painted the inside of the drawer a deep purple to match the fabric and the drawer pull. The table feet had metal caps on the bottom but they were in really bad shape so I had to pull them off but I decided to paint the bottom of the legs purple where the caps use to be. Check out the finished table.




Jasper says “That green table my mommy made is really cute! You got something to say about it?”


What he is really saying is “I know you just told me not to un-velcro my shoe but I am going to do it anyway. Whach you gottta say about that?” Little Bugger!


One comment

  1. I had no idea my comment was well received. At the time, I thought I’d totally rained on your parade, babe. I’m not crafty. What do I know? The cute table was priced like a cute table. That’s what I know.

    By the way, that look Jasper is giving? He learned it from his mommy. The finger jester he’s making is from me.

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