eddie ross, will you be my new best friend?

November 17, 2009

Thanks R•Home for bringing one of my favorite design personalities to Richmond! Eddie Ross talked to us about decorating for the holidays and he had everyone charmed in the first five minutes. In his adorable plaid bow tie and vest he was so positive, down to earth and seriously funny.

I first discovered Eddie Ross when he was a contestant on Top Design. I am addicted to competition reality shows and this one was my favorite. What a character – he totally made the show.

But I had been admiring his work, without knowing it, for years in the pages of Martha Stewart Living where he was an editor. Eddie now has his own amazing website that is sure to inspire you. When you look at his work everything he does looks so expensive but then he tells you how he made it with stuff from the dollar store. His personal design mantra is: It doesn’t have to be expensive to be beautiful. I love that. He also does amazing before and afters – my favorite!

Last night he showed us how to make our own wrapping paper using lace and spray paint. He demonstrated how to tie a perfect bow that slips off the package with one pull. He made a super cute square wreath and a gorgeous poinsettia arrangement. Then he talked about setting your holiday table and some tricks that stylist use to save time and money.

Here is some of his work. Or check out his complete portfolio.

I introduced myself to Eddie after his talk. He was so, so nice. I really wish we could go thrift shopping together and then drink prosecco and do craft projects. What a charmer! Oh, and he loves Richmond, by the way. His favorite place – Caravati’s.



  1. I loved him on Top Design too and was shocked/disappointed when he didn’t make it to the final. Super cool that you got to meet him…I’m proud of you for introducing yourself. We need to get together for a Christmas craft day!

  2. I can’t wait to see the results of your inspiring evening at Christmas. No pressure intended. I recall the first time I met you was at my home on Christmas and you came bearing quite the classy gift making mucho points with your then boyfriend’s mom. Love your blog and newsletter,
    Terry (your very proud mother-in-law and grandmother of Jasper Diego)

  3. You are so sweet!! Thank you for such a wonderful post!

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