make me pretty – a table with good lines

December 8, 2009

I have a team of people scouring the city looking for furniture for me to re-do. Not really, but I do have a couple of friends who will send me a text if they see something that is worth me looking at. That is how I got my hands on this table.

A little wobbly and scratched up but oh man, what a gorgeous shape!

I knew right away that I wanted to paint it a dark charcoal gray. I am on a gray kick – just finished painting my living room – and I could use the leftover paint on my front door! The other thing I had really been wanting to try is projecting an image onto a piece of furniture, tracing it on and then filling it in with paint. I have an old school overhead projector sitting in my garage (don’t ask me how I got it, it’s top secret) that would do the job.

I traced the image I wanted to use out of a clip art book of Japanese designs and got to work. Here is how it turned out.

You can find this table, and many other pieces, for sale at darlingoctopus.com!


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  1. OMG enjoyed reading this article. I added your rss to my google reader!!

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