make me pretty – kids activity table

January 11, 2010

Since having a baby I have become kind of obsessed with kids furniture. I guess I had never really paid attention to it before and now this whole new corner of the design world has opened up. So when I found this table at the thrift store I new I wanted to make into something fun.

I ended up meeting someone looking for an activity table for her son so we put are heads together and came up with a plan. I suggested a chalkboard table top and she wanted to incorporate some animal decals she had used in her son’s room.

I ended up making color copies of the decals to get them to the right size for the scale of the table. I attached the animal print cut outs with spray mount and then covered them with mod podge and then many, many cotes of water based polyurethane.

I put in a shelf so the family could add storage baskets. That involved a trip to the lumber section of Lowes, which I can’t help but be slightly intimidated by. Luckily I found a board that was exactly the right width and I just had them cut the length. Here is how it turned out.

Jasper was in love with this table. He wanted me to tell him the name of every animal 100 times. So I am pretty sure the little boy that I made it for is going to have lots of fun with it.



  1. It looks great under our dining room table! And, it’s lots of fun to write on top of the table. Thanks!

  2. Thats original!

  3. What I notice about this piece is that it’s not overly busy or bursting with jarring colors. So many kids products are loud to look at, grabbing the kids attention, but seriously overdesigned and out of place among adult decor. This table, with its chalkboard top, lets the kids create their own colorful chaos and keep the piece fresh and interesting, unlike the flash in the pan fad product lines that the kid will grow out of quickly. The post got me thinking and I just wanted to share that.

  4. cool giraffes – you are cool

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