make me pretty – the perfect color green

April 3, 2010

This table had cute potential but that color red was just wrong. I thought I would pick the fabric for the table top and then pick a paint color to match. It just happens that the fabric I chose had my favorite color green in it, yeah!

Here is the table before:

red table

Here is the fabric:

And the finished table:



  1. The table is very cute! Love the colors. I am a fairly new follower, and I live here in Richmond/Short Pump. Do you have a Salvation Army location that you like? I love Class and Trash, several of the Goodwill locations and a couple thrift shops in the Lakeside area, but haven’t visited a SA yet.

    • tell me about thrift stores in lake side! i like the salvation army on midlothian turnpike and the one in mechanicsville. i don’t ever seem to have any luck at the one behind the diamond. pick up a copy of belle magazine (it’s free and in boxes around the city) and look at page 7 – there is an article about upcycling which has one of my furniture re-do’s and a list of my favorite 2nd hand shopping spots around the city.

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