bye bye old friend

April 21, 2010

It’s been almost a year now since I started this blog and decided to try and take my furniture re-inventing obsession and turn it into a bigger part of my life. To share my adventures with the world and try to make a little money too! Well, my first chair re-do has just sold and it is making me feel a little nostalgic. I dragged this chair to countless craft shows and had grown kind of attached. The chair my mother couldn’t believe I painted blue! What was I thinking? Well it turns out there is someone else out theres who shares my taste.

Actually more than one. The lovely ladies from Covet actually sold my old friend for me. Covet is the first store to feature my work and I am in really good company. They feature local and national artists and these ladies have good taste! If you find yourself in Northern VA you need to go shopping! Their store is in Arlington, at 5140b wilson blvd. Check out the gorgeous pictures below.

Photo from Covet.

Photo from Covet. (That's my chair and my table!)

Photo from Covet.

Photo from Covet.

If you want to learn more check out their Facebook page. And thanks Sabrina, for finding me and bringing my work into your beautiful store!


It’s a lot easier to say goodbye to one of my favorite chairs now that I found out that Jody  from jody m. photography is the new owner. Her photos are so beautiful – check out the one below. My chair is in the photo but her adorable daughter steals the show! Check out her blog – you will be inspired!

Thanks Jody!



  1. The photos of that store are stunning. Looks like a great place to have your things. Congrats on the sell!

  2. It’s me! It’s me! I bought the chair and LOVE it. It now sits in my LuLu DK wallpapered foyer and looks fabulous there. 🙂 I am a photographer and used it for a recent photo session (posted on my website) and you can bet I’ll be using it for lots more sessions. Thank you. I love it. I have my eye on your nightstand/end table next for the kiddos room. Thank you!

    • wow. that is so cool. i was secretly dying to know who got the chair! i am so glad it was you. your photography is beautiful! and what a little cutie posing with it!!

  3. Congrats on a fitting new relationship with the purchaser. Your work is lovely. Good luck to you Karen!

    • thanks deveron! i appreciate it.

  4. I liked your chairs. I heard them and listened to them as my own old friends. You breathed in the life to the furniture. Greetings from Art by Tomas

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