make me pretty – i want to be an elegant chair

May 13, 2010

This sad thrift shop chair had such gorgeous lines it was just screaming out to be made pretty and elegant – an Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s kind of chair. I can help with that!

This is the before:

I wanted to lighten the chair up so I painted it my favorite cream color and chose some amazing fabric I had been sitting on for a while. Did you ever watch Trading Spaces? I was obsessed, as you might guess. Anyway, one of the designers, Laurie Hickson-Smith developed her own fabric line and I picked up several yards of it years ago and am just now getting around to using it. I loved Laurie’s southern design aesthetic almost as much as my favorite designer from the show, Genevieve Gorder, who might just have the best taste ever. You should check out her show, Dear Genevieve, which is currently on HGTV.

OK, so back to my chair – here is the finished piece:

If I was one of those people who named my furniture pieces this one would get a fancy name like Blair or Isabella. You may recognize it from the Belle Magazine Upcylcing article – that’s totally what this chair deserves, photo shoots and media coverage!


One comment

  1. I really love your work…and your blog, and the name of your blog. Anyway, after looking at your furniture beautification, I remembered a chair I painted for a little charity auction. My mom sold was supposed to buy it for my nephew, but she let it go. I was pretty traumatized that it left the family…
    Anyway, it looks like you have a lot of fun doing what you do!

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