make me pretty – girlie desk and chair

June 23, 2010

This poor desk was the victim of a bad makeover. An unfortunate paint job and a few too may drawer pulls. I needed to take it back to a simpler place. I felt like this desk wanted to be a little girlie with all it’s fancy molding. My inspiration came from these amazing drawer pulls I found on clearance at Anthropology. They are made in India and actually open up so you can change the fabric that shows through.

Enough talk. Here is the before:


And after:

Frankie was trying to get in every shot, so I finally let him have his spot as the star of the show!



  1. very lovely! where’d you get the fabric for the chair?

  2. I’m gonna have to start a blog about how the furniture my wife redoes actually gets to our house. This one’s actually pretty involved. We passed the desk while pushing a stroller and I pledged to come back and put it in my trunk later that night. Well, I was barely able to lift it, and even when I did the thing didn’t fit in my trunk or in my back seat. So, I got my neighbor, Bill, to drive me to the alley in his little contractor-van. Together we hoisted it into the van and then we put it in the garage, and I assured him that we would pay once Karen’s ship came in (furniture sales, that is). Then we realized that the drawers needed a little work and got Bill to give some advice. New runners, he said. So Karen bought those, gave them to Bill, who then installed them on the drawers so they would go in and out – smooth as butter. Then Karen gave Bill a case of PBR and another promise of money once she hit it big. Folks, this desk holds two people’s fates in its drawers. Give it a home.

  3. I absolutely LOVE the desk and chair makeover. My only regret is having such a small row house, I wouldn’t have anywhere to put it–though I WILL covet it! 🙂 How much would something like this go for, pricewise?

  4. Wow – sooo loveley! I’m always so impressed with your work.

    • thanks nikole! that means a lot to me coming from such a crafty lady!

  5. Love this!! Great job! You have such a good eye for furniture redesign.

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