my wine is prettier than yours

June 30, 2010

In between the furniture pieces I try to squeeze in some smaller projects. I was excited to work on this wine rack because I really liked it’s modern shape. Here is how I found it:

And after some paint and pretty paper:

Like this wine rack? Go see it on Etsy!



  1. love it!

  2. Your blog is so inspiration and it’s all so pretty!

    Do you use modpodge also for paper? I’m trying to refinish a desk and wanted to cover the drawers with some pretty paper and wasn’t sure as to what type of adhesive to use.

    • yes! i basically use mod podge for everything! i used mod podge to put the paper on this wine rack. i would recommend not to use paper that is too thin and glossy – like wrapping paper. it can be really frustrating to work with. it is really hard to get all the wrinkles out without ripping the paper. also, i use a coat of mod podge under the paper and then two coats on top and then i cover the whole thing, furniture and paper with polyurethane to give it a really good seal. you can choose if you want it to be gloss or matte.

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