make me pretty – sneak peek

July 29, 2010

So, I haven’t exactly finished the upholstery on my chair but I thought I would give you a sneak peek. This is the fabric I am using:

And the first arm cushion:

I have sewn all the double welting and I am now working on the seat cushion. Things I have learned about upholstery this week:

1. This is really hard work! I totally understand why it is so expensive to get things re-upholstered professionally.

2. Sewing is tedious and takes way too much patients. I totally respect all of you who are good at it!

3. I need the perfect staple gun. I always used the basic metal pull the handle kind but i need two hands to pull the trigger. So I went to Lowes and got an electric staple gun. I swore it was going to be my new best friend but it’s not really working out. I love that I only have to push one button with one finger but you also have to push down this guard on the front and it is pretty difficult to judge where the staple is going to go in, especially if you are trying to line it up perfectly in the center of your double welting going around the curve of a chair arm. Does anybody know about a better staple gun? Please tell me!

4. My belly is really starting it slow me down. I know you can’t really see how big it is in this picture but notice how all you can see of my feet are my toes! It’s in my way and I get tired too easily and I am over it. 11 weeks to go and I can’t wait!



  1. Hi! Allison Eden told me about your blog & I think it might be serendipitous timing – I was considering ordering this very same fabric from an online fabric store to redo a very similar shaped chair, but I was nervous about the fabric being linen & too lightweight for a chair….it’s nice to see it “in action”…how do you like the weight? (I love your before & afters, by the way!)

    • I think that the fabric is a a nice weight for upholstery. It’s not the easiest to work with – the ends start to fray quickly. But I think it is gorgeous. I love the yellow gray combo and I think the tan-ish background won’t show dirt very easily. I saw a drum lampshade covered in this same fabric and it was super cute – might be what I do with my leftover fabric. Good Luck and thanks for checking out my blog!

      • excellent! thanks! can’t wait for the “ta-da” after photos of this chair…

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