make me pretty – upholstery for dummies

August 19, 2010

After the last three weeks of my super complicated chair upholstery project I though it would be refreshing to do a really easy project. If you can wrap a present and use a stapler than you can do this one. You start out with one of those ottoman cubes you see everywhere. I happened to find mine in the alley. I know that might sound kind of gross, but since I planned on removing all the fabric I was ok with it.

I started by removing the black lining from the inside of the top. Then I removed the seam that joined the inside lining on the inside of the cube to the outside fabric. Then I removed the all staples holding the fabric to the ottoman and took off all of the ugly tan fabric.

Here is the naked ottoman awaiting new pretty fabric

I wanted to choose some fabric that would stand up to kids and dogs and still be cute. I found this really pretty and very thick upholstery fabric at U-Fab for only $10 a yard. So with only $15 invested in this project I will be ok with the abuse I know this ottoman will see in my house.

I wrapped the fabric all around the outside of the cube and stapled it. I was determined to do no sewing with this project so…

I left a little extra flap of fabric and folded it over to hide my staples. I used a little fabric glue to hold the folds in place.

Then I stapled the fabric all along the bottom of the ottoman. I re-attached the black lining to the bottom with glue because I was getting a blister from all the stapling.

Next, I folded my fabric over to make a clean line and stapled my fabric to the inside of the ottoman. I don’t really mind that the staples are visible inside because you won’t really see them very often. And no sewing!

Next I stapled the fabric to the ottoman top and glued the black lining back in place.

I tried to keep the corners neat (this is where that gift wrapping experience comes in handy!)

And here is my finished ottoman.

I have to say that this piece of furniture is perfect for my little monkey. He looks so cute and innocent in this picture but he wants to climb all over everything and finally here is something that he can!


One comment

  1. So cute! I just recently bought what looks like an identical ottoman from Target because it was on clearance for $5. This has me thinking up all kinds of new plans for it.

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