make me pretty – kids chair with the cutest owls ever!

August 30, 2010

U-fab has the cutest kids fabric lately: elephants, dogs, frogs with fiddles and owls! Luckily I have a couple of kids pieces waiting for me so I decided to get the owls and make over this chair for my favorite almost nephew, Everett. I have been best friends with his mom since we were fourteen so I think that makes us honorary sisters and therefore her son, the cutest curly red-head on the planet is part mine!

So here is the before picture:

The owl fabric has lots of pretty fall colors in it – one of which is my favorite color green, so of course I decided to go with that for the paint. Then I covered the seat with the owl fabric. I showed the chair to my husband and he thought it was missing something, so I cut out one little owl and added him to the back of the chair.

So there you go. Corbin, you now have the perfect excuse to come visit me – to pick up Everett’s new owl chair.

And speaking of adorable little men – here is mine in his favorite new costume – wolf superhero!



  1. I found this blog on RVA Blogs rss! It’s so wonderful. I LOVE what your doing with u-fab fabrics!! Especially because my husband owns the shop! Hi, I’m Carley, and I’m your new fan. Thank you for giving us credit in your awesome projects! I look forward to reading your blog.

    • oh yeah! i’m glad you found my blog. i am a huge u-fab fan. i live in byrd park so i can walk there and the prices and selection are amazing!

  2. oh boy!!!! I want to get in my car and come to Richmond this instant!!! your 100% nephew Everett is going to love love love his new owl chair!!!!! there must be a follow up post with him sitting in it!

  3. also must mention how AWESOME jasper is as a wolf!

  4. love the wolf head – and what a cape!
    What a lucky boy:oD

  5. […] of you might remember the owl chair that I made for my friend’s sons a couple months ago. After I finished I started thinking I […]

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