make me pretty – chair set

November 8, 2010

I am very lucky that my husband is super supportive of my hobby obsession business. He is always looking out for me – handing out my business cards, watching the kids so I can get some work done and sitting in the car while I stop by every yard sale we happen to drive past. He even picked up these chairs for me – he spotted them at a yard sale when I was out of town and thought I might like them.

First I would needed to lighten them up – they look almost medieval! But with all of the intricate details they are begging to be distressed. There was some fabric I had been craving for months – here was the perfect excuse to buy it!

I painted the chairs a light mustard color then distressed them and covered them with a coat of brown stain which makes them almost look glazed and adds a real depth to the paint.

And I have to show you this picture of my new cutie, Emerson Riley, with his eyes open! love!



  1. Your spawn is adorable!! & the chairs look fabulous!

  2. i LOVE that fabric. it’s gorgeous and the chairs look wonderful. nice work!

  3. Emerson is adorable. My little guy is just one month older. The chairs are cute too. When you add the stain. Your paint is dry? and did you sand it a little before you did it?

    • You got it right. I paint, sand to distress and then apply the stain. As soon as I have the whole chair covered in stain I start wiping it off.

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