make me pretty – obsessed with distress

November 29, 2010

Vienna, Virginia is a wonderful town. Why? Because they put their trash on the street. Not their regular garbage, but the big stuff for special pick up. Including old furniture!! You can just drive down the street and pick up free furniture!

And although I don’t live in Vienna, I have the next best thing. One of my best friends lives there and rescues cute things and brings them to me. How awesome is that?

So that is how this table began – a special delivery from a good friend. As you can see in this before picture it was in kind of sad shape. I had to peel two layers of wood off the top to get started, but luckily I planned to cover the top with fabric anyway.

So after doing some repairs to the table, I sanded it, painted it, distressed it and then stained it. I painted the table an off white to match one the colors in the fabric. Then after I distressed it I painted it with black stain. I have become kind of obsessed with this technique but I promise to switch things up form my next piece. Anyway, here is the after!

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  1. […] For some reason, I could never feel right about the fabric on top. You can read more about the original re-do here. […]

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