a crafty party – fun gift ideas!

December 14, 2010

This weekend I went to a fun crafty get together and not only did I learn how to do a new project but my baby slept the whole time and I got to drink tea out of a fancy cup! What more could I ask for?

My friend L. demonstrated how to make these cool twisty fabric flowers that require no sewing – my favorite. You basically get a fabric strip, tie on end in a knot and then wrap the remaining fabric around it, twisting and gluing as you go. Here is a more in depth tutorial.

If you want to get fancy you can do another, looser flower behind the twisty flower. This one does requiring some sewing but it is super easy. You cut another strip of fabric and do a loose gather stitch down one side. Then gather it to make a circle and sew the two ends together. Then you can hot glue gun the flowers together. You can use your beautiful fabric flowers to make pins, hairclips or dress just about anything up.

Here is L’s super cute key holder – we didn’t have time to get into this project but you can find the tutorial here.

The last project we worked on was a personalized block puzzle. You use wood blocks and your family pictures to make a unique puzzle for your friends or family. See the complete tutorial here – I wrote about it for my handmade holiday gift column in Belle mag.

My little cuties are becoming a puzzle for a lucky family member!


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