make me pretty – the case of the missing remote

December 21, 2010

Things have started to go missing around our house. The TV remote, Jasper’s favorite DVD, video cases. We are blaming it on the two year old and his secret hiding places. But it could very well be his frazzled parents trying to keep up with two kids, work and life.

So I decided we needed a tray for the coffee table to hold the TV remote’s. That way we would always know where they were (in theory at least). I started shopping around but everything I saw was too big or not very cute. Then I remembered some wood trays I had bought on clearance at Ben Franklin last year. Perfect – I would make my own perfect tray.

I started thinking about all the furniture pieces I had made-over. There have been a few that I really fell in love with and had a hard time letting go. Especially this little end table that I painted green and added some really pretty Japanese fabric on the drawer. But if I used the same paint and fabric on my tray it would be like I had a little piece of the table that I got to look at every day!

So here is my finished tray:

Jasper loves the birdies!

Will it keep us from losing any more remotes – probably not, but it sure is cute!



  1. Love! You may have inspired me to try and copy you on this one ~

    • yeah!

  2. Could someone please come to our house and find the missing TV remote? It was last used on Thanksgiving to turn on the football game for my Karen’s dad. It hasn’t been seen since. Same goes for the case to Ratatouille.

  3. Love the fabric!

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