make me pretty – one dresser two ways

January 13, 2011

Furniture is not my only obsession – I am also really into food and food tv shows. How many times has a top chef contestant described their dish as _____ two ways? Pork belly, asparagus, rock fish – whatever the ingredient, the point is to show how different the preparations can be.

So I decided to take a cue from top chef and re-do this dresser two ways. When some friends moved recently they decided to get rid of a couple of little mini-dressers/end-tables – yeah for me! They were a pair – a matching set. Perfect for my two personality experiment. Here are the before shots:

And the after pictures of the first dresser:

I tried a new thing with this piece – fabric covered drawer pulls. I make fabric covered switchplate covers all the time so I figured why not put fabric on some metal drawer pulls.

Check back soon to see how dresser number 2 turns out!



  1. I’ve just spent the better part of an hour reading this blog (don’t tell my boss!) All of your creations are, indeed, quite darling!

    • your secret is safe with me! thanks for looking.

  2. Did you just start painting both, or did you do some sanding first? Your creations are like art work!

    • Oh, I sanded first. And I did one coat of primer. I always sand and prime unless I’m using chalk paint.

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