make me pretty – sassy shelf

March 31, 2011

When I found this curvy little shelf at the thrift store I knew it was  the perfect candidate for a re-do. It had an interesting shape and was built solid (this shelf weighs at least 10 lbs.) but someone had painted it a boring color complete with drip marks.

So I picked out some pretty paper (handmade wrapping paper fro World Market) and got some paint to match. Here is the after:

Also, I learned a really smart trick for hanging things easily. This shelf has two nail holes which I would usually try to guess at and have to re-nail 10 times ending up frustrated and with lots of holes in my walls. Well I was watching Secrets From A Stylist the other day and learned this simple trick that I can’t believe I didn’t think of myself.

Get a piece of tissue paper and put in on the back of you shelf or frame. You can cut the paper to be the exact size of the shelf to help you position it on the wall. Then take a nail and make a little hole over each hanging bracket.

Then put you paper up on the wall where you want to hang your shelf. Hammer a nail in each of the little holes you made. Rip your paper off the wall and then hang up your shelf on the first try on you perfectly placed nails!



  1. Oh!!! I love that!!! Its funny I just picked up some gift wrap from world market at their friends and family sale! It was blue background with pink flowers. Their papers are so pretty! And I think your tip is genius! I will be using that in the future! I have a question. Do you usually sell the things you make or keep them in your home?

    • I sell most of it – maybe 80%, on Etsy, at the Blue Elephant and Covet in DC. Some of it I give to friends and some of it I keep. I am actually looking for more rva stores to sell my work at if anyone has any good ideas!

  2. So glad i saw this tip! I have been holding onto some great hooks which require two screws to hang and since I am selling my house I was afraid to mess up a newly painted wall trying to hang them.

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