make me pretty – a quick lamp redo

June 17, 2011

I found this cute little lamp at the Goodwill the other day – for less than $5 and I thought it would be fun to do a quick shade re-do. This shade was super easy to recover because it is a drum shape. Lamp shades that are smaller at the top and wider at the bottom are a little more complicated – I usually make a pattern from a piece of paper before I cut the fabric.

For this little guy I decided to try out mod podge to attach the fabric – I usually use spray mount but I didn’t feel like going outside and finding something to spray onto. The mod podge worked great (because it’s one of the greatest craft tools out there!) I did use a thicker craft glue to attach the folded over edges.

Here is the before:


And after:



I saved the trim that had been on the outside of the original shade and used it to finish the inside of my new shade. This covered up the raw edge of the fabric and left everything looking neat and tidy!




  1. I know that I’m late to this party but HOLY CRAP that lamp looks amazing. I have a cone-shaped one with a water stain. If you’re, you know, bored or anything…

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