make me pretty – office makeover part 1 – vintage framed message board

June 26, 2011

My office needs a makeover – seriously! It has turned into a catch all for all the crap I don’t have another place for. I would love to start this makeover off by painting (this is the only room in my house that hasn’t been painted yet!) but sadly there is some crazy leak, and therefore crumbling wall water damage that we need to get fixed first. So I am starting with my desk area. I had these old Ikea pin boards up since we moved in five years ago. I really wanted a big pretty focal point where I could post all of the pretty magazine pictures I obsessively collect.

Here is the embarrassing before picture of my desk area:


I have had this old frame in my garage forever. One of the “treasures” I picked up an alley somewhere and new I would use someday.


I spray painted the frame white. I love the way it turned out – it still looks old, and crackly but also kind of modern because of the shiny white finish.

Then I bought a piece of homosote, a fiber wall board made of recycled paper. (Thanks Bill! Best neighbor ever, for telling me about this stuff!) I would call around before you go out to buy this stuff. It’s pretty likely your Lowes doesn’t have it – mine didn’t. If you live in RVA you should go to Siewers – they are super nice and they will cut the homosote for you, which you should totally get them to do unless you have a circular saw!

I covered the homosote with fabric and then put it in my frame. I used these metal brackets to hold it all in place.


And here she is in her new home. I still need to clean up the desk and jazz it up with some new fabric covered storage bins but that’s another post!






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