make me pretty – kung fu stool

August 22, 2011

I bought this little stool about a million years ago (ok, more like two) when I first decided to start re-doing furniture to sell. But it just sat in my garage because it was kind of wobbly and it had this broken caned seat. I even tried to give it away at a “stuff swap” party but nobody took my sad little stool. I was getting ready to put it in the alley for someone to discover when I had a change of heart. I needed to make this guy over!


I wanted to find a creative solution to a new seat. What could a stretch around this little stool? Old seat belts? Some kind of leather strips? Karate belts? Yes! I stumbled across a bag of multi-color Karate belts at the thrift store and I was so happy I had hung on to this little stool. This was going to be fun.

I gave her a new paint job and got to it. I stapled down the belts on the thick side of the wood and nailed in little u shaped brackets on the circular rods. I think it is super happy looking now. I hope no martial arts people are offended!








  1. I am a martial arts instructor and school owner and I absolutely love this. I have huge duffle bags of old belts I can’t part with. Now I can put them to a creative use. I was looking for a way to recreate seating for a metal swing that the cushions wore out…I now have my new “web” seats! I’ll modify this a bit but will make it work. Thank you so much!

    • oh yeah! i love it. you should send me a picture when you are done!

  2. Hi. We were looking for creative things to do with my son’s karate belts and like your idea. Can you tell us more specifically How you wove the belts together and tied them so they held? We would like to do this project but need a little guidance. Thanks.

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