make me pretty – small projects

August 31, 2011

Sometimes between furniture project I like to work on smaller things. I basically always need to have a project in the works and sometimes I can’t make it to my basement studio so I take over the dinning room table. Here are a few of those recent projects.

1. Fancied up picture frame.

I thought this picture frame had a really interesting shape and it happened to be on clearance at TJMaxx. So I brought it home and covered it with the last of my supply of one of my favorite Amy Butler prints. This is such an easy project. Mod Podge on a rectangle of fabric that is a little larger than the frame. Put one coat of Mod Podge on top, use an Xacto knife with a new blade and trim up your fabric, than put on a couple more coats of Mod Podge.




2. Jewelry box.

I have a small obsession with jewelry boxes. They are like little miniature pieces of furniture and they provide storage. Furniture and storage – two of my favorite things. The sadder the jewelry box, the better. This one was pretty sad.


I took it apart, sanded, painted and decoupaged fabric on the door and the drawers inside.







3. Wood pedestal bowl.

I know you all have seen these at every thrift store and yard sale. I thought the shape was cute and I would see what I could do. A little paint and a little fabric and she is transformed. Now if I could only think of what to do with it! Candle holder? Candy dish? Any ideas?







  1. Love the picture frame & jewel box. The wood pedestal bowl looks like a great thing to throw your car keys in when you come into the house. I would be too tempted if it was filled with candy!

  2. I have a ton of jewelry boxes I pick up for $1 or 2 and I think I’ll try the fabric idea, love your blog!

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