make me pretty for the chair affair

September 14, 2011

My first introduction to Caritas was at their amazing yard sale this past spring. A warehouse full of used furniture – I was in heaven. If only I had a mini-van. Instead I had a Jetta with two car seats and two kids. I did end up squeezing in a chair, a table and a giant stuffed duck that Jasper picked out. While I was there I also learned a little bit about what they do. My cliff notes version is that they help furnish the homes of people in need, organize a moving shelter and run a job skills training program. You can learn more about their mission on their website.

So when a twitter friend told me about the Chair Affair I knew I wanted to get involved. This annual event showcases the work of many local artists which are auctioned off to benefit Caritas. I had the perfect chair in mind – my husband had recently rescued it for me. And this would be the perfect chance to try something different. Jason had been threatening to throw away my cream colored paint (was I stuck in a rut?)



So I decided to go pink, not Barbie pink, but still. I have a girlie side but I am way more tree climbing tomb boy so this was definitely outside of my comfort zone. But I found a fabric that I loved and pulled a mauve pink from that. Then I distressed in and put a glaze on top.







I think she turned out really pretty and I hope all you Richmonders will come out to the event. I got a sneak peak at some of the other chairs when I dropped her off and there are some really pretty ones!



  1. Yay, pink! It turned out great, and I’m sure it’ll make lots of money for CARITAS.

  2. […] donated this beauty, and about 30 other artist also donated furniture, paintings, etc. to be auctioned off at the […]

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