make me pretty – kid’s art area and chalk board table

September 22, 2011

We have been in the process of re-organizing and pretty-ing up our basement. When we moved in to this house the basement walls were painted bright yellow and there was wall to wall red shag carpet. Did the Redskins live here? Since then we pulled up the carpet and laid down linoleum tile (the yellow walls are still around.) Now we are working on a built in desk/work station under the stairs but this basement space has to serve a lot of purposes: man cave, office, workout area, studio space, guest room, kids play area.

It was really important to me to have a small art area for the kids down there. Where better to bust out the play dough and finger paints! When my best neighbor ever Bill found this little table for me in an alley I knew this piece would be staying at my house. The table is super sturdy and the perfect height for Emerson when standing up and Jasper when sitting down.

I sanded the table down and primed it. Then I painted everything except the table top in a pretty muted turquoise. Then I painted the table top with chalkboard paint. Once that dried I was conveniently able to draw my border design with chalk and then fill it in with the turquoise paint.

Above the table I added a little art gallery wall to display the kids most recent art work. I happened to go to Hobby Lobby on a 50% off frames day and got these guys for $2 each – Score!

Of course the first thing Jasper did was try to draw on the paint border but it washed right off! Take that 3 year old trouble maker!


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