getting crafty with the kids

September 28, 2011

I am always looking for fun craft projects to do with my kids. I don’t usually blog about this kind of stuff but we had so much fun with these latest projects that I thought I should spread the word.

So I have a magazine obsession. I love to go threw them, tear them about and save pages. I use to faithfully put all these torn out pages into categorized notebooks. Now I just have piles and piles and pages waiting. Oh, and I have Pinterest, so maybe the magazine thing will fade away. Although I find it oddly relaxing.

Anyway, Jasper started looking at the magazines over my shoulder and wanting to save pictures of thing he liked. That made me think of the perfect craft project! We got some of those big, flat marbles and then picked out pictures that would fit under them. We collected all of our images (mine cool patterns and maybe a celebrity chef and Jasper’s stars, birds, and the Geico Gecko) cut them to the right size circle and mod podged them on. Then we glued magnets on the back and they really turned out super cute. We are totally giving these guys for gifts this Christmas!

Can you spot the celebrity chef?

Our next project got the whole family involved. It all started when I bought Jasper this giant robot at the thrift store. He had batteries but wasn’t working when I bought him – ended up he never worked and Jasper decided he didn’t want him. But I wasn’t really ready to say goodbye. This robot was kind of cool looking. What if I spray painted him white and made some kind of art piece out of him? Or better yet – Chalk Board Paint!! Then he will be a 3-dimensional coloring project that we can erase and re-do.

Even Emerson got in on the drawing (notice he is using a crayon) but mostly I had to try to keep the chalk out of his mouth. Yes, we are still in that phase.

All this robot coloring gave me another idea – pumpkins! Halloween is coming and fun would it be for the kids to draw the faces on their pumpkins, especially kids that are to young to really get in on the carving.

I found these plastic pumpkins for $1 each at the thrift store. A couple of coats of chalkboard paint and they are ready to go!






So the lesson here is that chalk board paint is addictive – really addictive!


One comment

  1. The flat marbles are so much fun! My daughter gave me some last Christmas – some as magnets and others as “bulletin board pins” with thumbtacks glued to the back. I LOVE the chalk board painted pumpkins. What a great idea.

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