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December 23, 2011

Go out and get the January issue of R•Home magazine! There you can read my article about shopping for vintage furniture and home decor in RVA. There are lots of useful hints and a resource list of some of my favorite shopping spots.

I thought it might be fun to elaborate on some of my ideas in the magazine. I found this armoire at the Salvation Army on Midlothian Turnpike but you know you see one of these at every thrift store and yard sale you go to. Flat screen TV’s are making them an obsolete piece of furniture but you could always re-purpose them.


Turn it into a cute home office and just close the doors when you’re done working.

photo from funkyjunksisters.blogspot.com

Or check out this adorable kids art center!

image from thedesignfile.net

I thought this dresser was almost perfect. I love the shape and the color I would just add some new hardware to make it look a little more modern.


My favorite source for cool drawer pulls is Anthropologie. I regularly shop their clearance section – there you will find pulls for as little as $3 each! Below are two picks that I think would look awesome!

photo from anthropologie

photo from anthropologie

I am the queen of the chair re-do. I know I have re-done more chairs than any other piece of furniture. It is hard for me to pass up a chair with good bones because it is usually pretty easy to give it a new look.


Here are some of my past chair projects that might inspire you.

Victorian Chair

Kid Friendly Laminated Cotton Chair

Curvy Chair

Next issue, I will be showing you how to re-do a chair, step by step, with very detailed directions! Yeah R•Home – Yeah DIY!

PS – You can read my first R•Home article, all about shopping for vintage furniture, online now!


  1. That home office cabinet idea is amazing. Holy crap.

  2. I just read the article! I’m in love with those chairs. Not Your Ordinary Agent
    Not Your Ordinary Recipes

  3. Oh.. A friend of mine just turned me on to your blog! Love it! Can’t wait to get the chair reupholster instructions! I have like 4 chairs waiting for me to get up the nerve to try it! – Susan

    • It’s so much easier than you think. You can totally do it! And if you have any questions at all, just ask.

  4. do you reupholster all of your furniture? If not, who do you use? I’m not crafty and need to find someone that’s less expensive than Williams&Sherrill or Calico Corners!!!

    • hi alison. i do reupholster all my own stuff. i even got an air compressor for my staple gun for christmas this year. i’m such a nerd. anyway, if it’s something not incredibly complicated i might be able to help. otherwise i would recommend ufab on robinson. they are incredibly nice and have tons of really amazing fabric to choose from. email me at darlingoctopus@gmail.com if you want to talk about your project.

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