make me pretty – our 70’s bathroom

January 23, 2012

When we bought our house we new it was a fixer upper. The first thing to go? The carpet upstairs and the blue flower linoleum in the kitchen. But six years later we are still living with our horrible 70’s bathroom. I’m talking avocado green tub and yellow tile almost to the ceiling. And there is no vent so we have a bit of a moisture problem and therefore a mold problem. We actually had a mushroom grow out of the wall between two tiles. I have to try and find that picture!

So when we refinanced our house a while ago we took out a little money to tackle the bathroom. Then Emerson was born and once I had started to recover from that I realized I was paralyzed with fear. Have you ever been to a tile store? There are way too many options. I wanted something that I wouldn’t get sick of but I wanted it to be interesting too.

After many months of research, pinterest and online shopping I finally have a plan. I also have a bathtub sitting in my garage waiting for the renovation to begin next month. We are having a friend help us but we will be doing a lot of the work ourselves so it should be interesting.

Here is our bathroom now. I really hate putting these pictures up here. It really is that bad!

Under the yellow tile I found the original white subway tile but it is in pretty bad shape.

And here is my vision for our future bathroom:

I really want it to be classic yet modern and kind of cool. I don’t want to pick anything that is going to date it. So I am keeping all the tile black and white and I’m going to add color by painting the vanity green. I can always go back and re-paint the vanity if I get bored. That will be a lot easier than replacing tile.

So let me know what you think. Have any bathroom renovation words of wisdom for me?



  1. I love what you’ve chosen, especially the grey & white hexagon tile! It will be beautiful. I’d love to redo our bathroom – it’s Tiffany blue tile – but we have a couple of projects ahead of it. Good luck! Can’t wait to see the finished product.

    • Thanks! I love the hexagons, too!. I basically designed everything around that amazing tile!

  2. I’m redoing my bathroom too and was going to use marble hex on the floor and carerra countertop but was talked out of it and I’m so glad I was! I’m pregnant with my first and the sales lady (at Morris Tile here in RVA) asked if I was having a boy or girl. I told her we weren’t finding out but she let me know that if we have a boy, that, ahem, urine is very acidic and would ruin the floors. She also heard horror stories about kids and marble countertops…. Just something to chew on. We’re going to use quartz that looks like marble for countertops and imitation marble tile for the floor. The floors are much cheaper now, but the countertops are more expensive so it’s still about the same price in the end. Good luck – I love the green vanity!!!

    • wow, that is so interesting! we have two little boys – i wonder if urine effects slate? what’s up with kids and marble counter tops? the marble just isn’t resilient enough for their abuse?

      • I don’t know about slate for sure but our sales lady steered me completely clear of any natural stone because acids etch the stone. Maybe you can call them and ask about slate?

        As far as countertops go, it was all about staining – obviously that’s way more of an issue in a kitchen, but I’m just not brave enough to try it in the kids’ bathroom 🙂

  3. How did you guys tear out your linoleum? I seriously need advice for when I tear ours out in the hallway! I can’t seem to get under it.

    • our linoleum actually came up pretty easily – it was the glue underneath that was pretty nasty. there is a tool that you can rent that looks like it would help. check out this video: http://youtu.be/8wuTmmrtQoE

  4. Love your choices!

    • thanks steph! i miss you. thanks for following my blog 🙂

  5. karen- this is amazing! you really are not wasting any time getting busy on your home improvement projects- the house has already changed so much since i came by before christmas!

    • I know! Emerson’s finally old enough that I can get something done! How’s your new house?

  6. […] a link to the before pictures if you missed all the green and yellow […]

  7. […] had dreamed up this chevron pattern bathtub surround after seeing this awesome picture of a wood floor on Pinterest. My friend Steve, who helped us with the renovation, helped me put it all together. We […]

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