make me pretty – green chair

February 10, 2012

When my friend, Leslie, sent me a link to the blog Nine Red I fell in love with this green chair.

Photo from Nine Red

So when I stumbled across this chair in the alley, I knew I would have to make it green. I know that this chair is missing a seat, the top piece of wood is busted and it’s, um, metallic gold. But it is so cute! Even in this state – can’t you see the cuteness!

So I chiseled off the broken wood piece, sanded down the metallic gold and got to painting. When I distressed the chair some of the gold peeked through and I kind of love it! I might just have to put a layer of gold paint after priming in some future projects to get the same effect.

So I’m guess this chair once had a cane seat and that is why there are all of these holes. I cut out a piece of wood for my seat base, added foam, batting and fabric and then secured it to the chair using these handy “L” brackets.

We have gotten in a new habit during my photo shoots. The boys like to climb up and get in on the action. Jasper has gotten really into dressing up lately, this week he has been a power ranger, iron man, a ninja and today he was venom (spider man’s enemy – I can’t believe I know this!)



  1. Your boys are getting so big and darling! I see a lot of you in Emerson. Hope all is well.

  2. oh, and I LOVE the green!

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