make me pretty – 70s chair made modern

June 20, 2012

I know I’ve mentioned before how much I like Vienna, VA. It’s not just because my best friend lives there – it’s also because they put their big trash on the street, in front of their houses, to be picked up. Hello drive by free furniture pick up! I love it. Thank you Corbin, for scoring these awesome 70’s chairs for me! There are four but I have only re-done the first one. How much are you loving this crazy green shaggy fabric?


And after. I found this amazing fabric at ufab. I thought it was the perfect mix of vintage and modern – an updated 70’s leaf motif.


  1. I should start leaving little postcards of the finished pieces on the doorsteps of the houses where I pick up the “trash”

  2. LOVE! I have this fabric tacked to my cubical walls.. and now I want this chair to sit at tmy desk!

  3. […] I know I should re-do them the same and keep them as a set. But that is so boring! So when I re-did this chair match, I bought enough fabric to do the set. Then I stumbled upon another super cute pattern that […]

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