make me pretty – an ikea update

August 8, 2012

I love Ikea. As much as I love vintage furniture there is another part of me that loves shiny, new Ikea furniture. It’s my happy place. I could wander around that store for hours.

So when I found this old kids Ikea chair at a thrift store in Northern VA I knew I had to give it a new life. It had been used at a pre-school but was still in really good shape. I just had to replace the support bar across the bottom.



I removed the cushion and took the whole frame apart. I replace the base support board and spray painted the frame in a black gloss. Then I went to taking the cushion apart. I took pictures so I would remember how it all went back together.


I let Jasper help me decide on the fabric since it was a kiddo chair. Ironically we picked an Ikea fabric that I happened to have a yard of. Here is the finished chair.

The chair has been kid tested and approved!


One comment

  1. Love that fabric and love that chair! And ohmygosh Emerson has gotten huge!!! đź’›

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