make me pretty – more chalk board obsession

December 7, 2012

I am an alley stalker. I walk the alleys of my neighborhood with my kids and my dog. I’ve already turned Jasper into a young treasure hunter! He says “I want to find something good!” Once he found a Playmobile pirate ship complete with treasure, pirates and a parrot! You never know what you will find. I have found lots of chairs, tables and books. Around here people leave stuff on top of their trash cans if it’s something someone might want – how considerate! I’m not really into digging in trash cans. We all have our limits.

When I see that a house is being renovated I pay extra close attention. This is truly a case of one mans trash is another mans treasure. I have been stalking a house renovation down the street for a couple months now. I found a bunch of old encyclopedias, which I used to make fun holiday decorations, some good new wood boards and this old armoire door.

This is my kind of find. I would pay money for this at a salvage yard – and they would definitely charge it! The middle piece was missing, most likely it had been a mirror. I went against my instincts here and decided not to paint the frame a bright color and just hit it up with some polyurethane after I cleaned it up. I had the hardware store cut a piece of plywood to the exact size I needed and painted it with chalk board paint. I added a drawer pull, upside down, to be the chalk holder. And then I almost didn’t take it to West End Antiques Mall. I love the way it turned out but I so don’t need another chalk board in my house! But wouldn’t it be cute in a restaurant or bakery as a specials board?

Sorry the pictures are kind of crapy. I will have to start taking pictures of things before I take them to the antiques mall. The lighting is so crummy in there!








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