make me pretty – mid century chair

July 30, 2013

I have been a little bit distracted this summer. By this:


And this:


But I have been getting back to my furniture. I love the clean lines of this chair and I even decided not to paint the wood! Jasper helped me pick out the fabric. I re-stained the wood and painted the metal.


photo-34 photo-33 photo-35

If you like her, you can find her at Orange in Carytown!



  1. Hi Karen,

    Hope all is well with you and family. Your children are sooo cute. Can you share your homemade chalk paint recipe again? Also, do you generally put poly or wax over it? I have a couple of tables I want to paint. Trying to decide whether to make my own paint or splurge on Annie Sloan since I’m a newbie.

    • Hi Paige! It’s good to hear from you. The chalk paint recipe is 1tbls I sanded white grout mixed with a tiny bit of water – just enough to get it wet and not clumpy. Then add 1 cup flat paint and mix.

      If you where going to use the same color for all the pieces I would splurge on the Annie Sloan. It is so nice and it really goes a long way. And I tend to use wax with chalk paint and hers is awesome and soft and spreadable. They sell Annie Sloan stuff in richmond now, at Decor in Carytown.

      Good luck!

  2. Thanks!

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