make a pillow – insert your pet here

April 17, 2014

I write a bi-monthly DIY column for R•Home magazine and one of my projects was making a dog shaped, photo pillow of my pug Frankie. You can read the article here with all of the instructions.

Photo from R•Home Magazine

Photo from R•Home Magazine


















I thought the pillows ended up being pretty cute and I know there are many other Pug obsessed people out there, so I decided to try selling them at Orange in Carytown. People scooped them up so I put them on Etsy. Then I started offering custom pillows – I could make pillows of other peoples pets too. Here is the latest one:

photo 1








photo 2












How cute is that! I have so much fun making pillows of people’s pets for them. I have done a bunch of pugs, mutts, and even a couple cats.

I also started doing kid pillows. I made a pillows of my kids for Christmas presents and they got such a kick out of them. And talk about a perfect grandparent present!




  1. Hello there my name is mark peters and I just came across your website and I love the pillow of your 2 boys. Do you still make them? I would love a pillow of my daughter. Thank you.

  2. Hi Mark. I do still make them and I sell them on Etsy. Here is a link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/174781171/your-kid-photo-pillow?

  3. omg karen I never saw these. Can I have a set of all 3 of your kids. please. Can we make my mom a set of all 3 of my kids please. this is hysterical.

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