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make me pretty – my grandparent’s wardrobe

June 5, 2013

This wardrobe lived in the house my dad grew up in Pennsylvania. When it was time to sell the house and divide up the possessions, I knew this was the piece I wanted.

My house was built in the 20’s, with little built in storage, so this wardrobe would be perfect for my boys room. There was a mirror in each door but one was broken during the move and I decided it would probably be safer to find an alternative since it was going to be in a room with two little boys.

I got two pieces of plywood cut to fit the doors and covered them with some of my favorite Amy Butler fabric. I painted the wardrobe with chalk paint (I so did not feel like sanding and priming this thing!) and did a top coat of wax.

I am in love. I know I am breaking some rule about painting over old family heirloom wood furniture but I don’t care. This new version is so much better!






Here is a picture of the back of the door. I used these little brackets all around the edges to hold the fabric covered plywood in place.