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paint techniques and finishes for furniture

July 3, 2012

I taught my first class at the Visual Arts Center this weekend and it was so much fun! I was a little nervous before we got started (ok, I had major butterflies). But once I met my students, and heard about all their crafty adventures, I knew we would have a good time!

The weekend workshop was about different paint techniques for furniture. We practiced on test tiles, covering seven different techniques. We also re-did a chair together.

I wasn’t sure how a chair re-do by consensus would turn out but I have to say I am impressed! And painting goes so much faster with four people!

Here are some of the paint finishes we practiced:

And here is our chair before:

And after we worked our magic:

I’m teaching this same workshop in the fall and an intensive at the end of August where everyone will bring their own piece of furniture and we will re-do them together. If you think you might like to sign up you should visit the Visual Arts Center’s website. They have tons of really great classes and it is such a fun space. I was a student there before I became a teacher!


make me pretty – my house!

December 22, 2011

After spending so much time making things pretty for other people it’s time to do some work on my own house! We have a lot of big plans, including a bathroom renovation, a built in office nook in the basement and moving the boys into a room together! Jasper is now 3 1/2 and moving on up to a big boy bed and Emerson will soon be taking over Jasper’s car bed.



This room will become the boy’s room. It is currently mine and and my husbands, although I have been slowly moving in kids stuff and moving out our stuff which will now be in the room that is currently the guest room. We are basically playing musical rooms – switching three out of four upstairs room around.






The first project for this room is a book shelf I scored at the thrift store for $10. If you are on Pinterest you can’t go a day without seeing one this style. Emerson is obsessed with books so I am going to make him a little reading corner.


The shelf had some stain seeping through the white paint so I decided to bust out the super primer!


This stuff is amazing at covering up any kind of stains on a piece of furniture. If you sand a piece that had been stained the color from the stain wants to seep through. You can put three coats of latex primer on and the stain will still come through. Once coat of Zinsser and your good to go. It is oil based so where a mask. And there is no problem painting latex paint over this oil primer. You just can’t do latex paint over oil paint.


After I painted the shelf my favorite green I used a new-to-me product, Valspar Antiquing Glaze.

I usually use a coat of stain over the paint to give it an antique finish but this product is water based so it’s not stinky. It comes in a pretty small bottle and it was $8 or $9 at Lowes but I maybe used a tablespoon of it for this whole piece. I would usually have distressed the shelf first but Jasper has strong feeling about not “messing up the paint” and since it is going in his room, and I already didn’t paint it his favorite color, purple, I thought I should skip that step!

Here is how it looks in their room. There are going to be many more “boys room” post before the big final reveal, so check back soon!