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make me pretty – our old house for sale

November 4, 2014

As happy as I am in our new house I am really sad to let go of our first home. This is the house that my husband and I bought about a year before we got married. We brought three babies home to this house!


















It is also hard to let go of all the work we put into the house. When I look at the pictures of the house when we bought it, compared to how it looks now, I know we really put in a lot of effort.

Here are some before pictures:

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Wow, that yellow!

Over the years, we painted every room, pulled up carpet upstairs and refinished the wood floors, pulled up carpet (burgundy!!) in the basement and put down tile, pulled up linoleum in the kitchen and sanded the original floor and painted a checkerboard pattern, pulled up linoleum in the first floor bathroom and put down slate tile, created a raised bed garden in the backyard and planted all kinds of pretty stuff, gutted the upstairs bathroom and pushed the wall back to make it bigger, added a full size closet to the master bedroom, installed a spiral staircase to the attic which we turned into a playroom, installed a built in desk under the basement stairs, built a railing and gate around the front porch, and refinished the wood floors on the first floor. I am exhausted just reading this list!

Here are some afters:


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Get all the details here or come to the open house, this Sunday, November 9th from 1 -3 pm.

2120 Rosewood Ave.



make me pretty – our attic playroom

March 20, 2014

When we bought our house the attic was a totally unused space. There weren’t even pull down stairs, just a hole in a closet that you could crawl through to get up there. But it has two windows and I started to think about how cool it would be to turn it into a kids playroom. I imagined that this would be a budget project and it was, except that we ended up buying a spiral stair case to get up there. I originally envisioned a loft ladder type thing but our ceilings are so high that it ended up being too steep and scary.

So we put down plywood floors and covered them with carpet, attached pool noodles to all the low beams and brought up a ton of toys and now it is a little kid paradise!

Here is the before picture and an old blog post with more before and during pictures:


And after:












make me pretty – our attic adventure

January 25, 2013

Leave it to me to take on a major house project while super pregnant. Will I ever learn my lesson? I really wanted to renovate our attic and turn it into a playroom for the kids. Of course I thought it would be really fast and not cost a lot of money. I know, so naive!

Oh well, it’s going to be super cool and hopefully it will be done before the baby arrives. You’ve got 7 weeks Steve!

Our attic was completely unfinished and really only the front third is usable people space. The roof slowly slopes down so by the time you get to the back of the house there is only about one foot of space. So we are turning the very front into a play room, it has two windows and a not super tall adult can stand at the peak of the ceiling. Then next sloping 1/3 of attic space will be for storage and the very back will be walled off with an access door.

Here is the attic before we got started:






So far we have put in plywood floors, fixed up the windows, added insulation, run electricity and added lighting and put in some sliding doors to separate the kid space from the storage space.


A friend who builds custom wine cellars (Classic Cellar Design) hooked us up with some cool old barn wood he had left over from a job and we are using it to panel the walls.









20130125-170156.jpgI thought we could build a loft type ladder to get up to the attic but I didn’t really take into account how tall our ceilings are – the ladder is super steep. So we ordered a spiral staircase. I kind of can’t believe I’m going to live in a house with a spiral stair case – I thought they were so cool when I was kid!