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make me pretty – short and wide stool

June 2, 2011

I love these short wide seats. I think they were originally meant as vanity stools but what a neat shape. Thanks to my friend Bird for finding this one for me and rescuing it out of someone’s trash pile!

Here is the before, with cutie Frankie:

And after:

I painted it green, distressed it and and added stain over top – all to match the single green leaf stem in this fabric.

PS – I am on vacation this week and this is what I got to look at as I walked the baby to sleep tonight. Life is good!


make me pretty – girlie desk and chair

June 23, 2010

This poor desk was the victim of a bad makeover. An unfortunate paint job and a few too may drawer pulls. I needed to take it back to a simpler place. I felt like this desk wanted to be a little girlie with all it’s fancy molding. My inspiration came from these amazing drawer pulls I found on clearance at Anthropology. They are made in India and actually open up so you can change the fabric that shows through.

Enough talk. Here is the before:


And after:

Frankie was trying to get in every shot, so I finally let him have his spot as the star of the show!