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make me pretty – fancy sideboard

October 13, 2015

I found this side board at one of my favorite estate sales, Overbrook Estates. They gather up stuff from lots of different estates and bring it to one warehouse location. I decided to get a little fancy with this one!

I painted the whole thing in a pale grayish blue and then highlighted some of the details with a warm platinum metallic paint. I painted the drawers and inside parts of contrasting orangy-red. A little distressing, an antiquing glaze and new drawer pulls and she is ready to go. Find her at Orange in Carytown!



make me pretty – quick mirror re-do

January 10, 2014

This mirror was originally part of a dresser, it still had the hardware attached. It ways a ton, with that thick old bevelled mirror. I cleaned it off and gave it two coats of chalk paint then distressed it and covered it in clear wax. I cleaned about 100 years if dirt off the mirror and now she is looking pretty sparkly.







make me pretty – the perfect candidate for chalk paint

October 4, 2013

People moving is always a good thing for me. When my neighbor was on he his way out of town he let me come over and pick through the stuff he was going to leave behind. I couldn’t pass by this crazy carved table. A little ornate for my personal style but how fun would she be to paint? But not so fun to sand so I decided to just skip that step and use some chalk paint. I took Emerson with me and he helped me pick out this pretty blue. I had originally planned to add the dark wax but I liked how it turned out with just the clear wax after I distressed it.









You can find this beauty at Orange in Carytown.


make me pretty – sassy red chair

November 15, 2012

I have been playing it too safe lately. Too much cream and pale gray. So I decided to step out of my comfort zone. It’s time for red!

Here is the chair before:

I am still loving the red and pale blue combo so I decided to pair up my bright red chair with a blue and white chevron seat cushion.




I took this little lovely over to the West End Antiques Mall never really expecting it to sell. I have developed a theory that only my more conservative pieces sell there. But this chair proved me wrong. I obviously still have no idea how things work over there! She sold in a couple weeks.

PS – This is not the first time I’ve worked on this style chair. See the other re-do here.






make me pretty – old school corner shelf

April 20, 2011

I love to barter. I’ll trade you this for that! I always feel like it is such a win – win situation. And that is how I scored this awesome corner shelf. I traded some graphic design work for this beauty, thanks Art!

I had it in my head that this shelf wanted to be blue – kind of a baby blue. Then I distressed it and stained it with an ebony stain to age it. And here is the after:






make me pretty – a curvy little chair

April 7, 2011

This is one of my favorite chairs I have re-done. I can’t believed I stumbled upon this curvy beauty at the thrift store. It was on the top shelf, and I had the baby strapped to me, but I had to have it! The thrift store employees were nice enough to not only get it down for me but also walk it to my car and wedge it in the front seat! People are so nice when you have a baby with you!

Anyway, I am not a huge fan of dark wood (have you noticed that yet?) So I decided to lighten it up with my favorite cream paint and a beautiful blue fabric that feels sort of Asian-y to me.

Here is the before:

And after:

This is one of those projects that I have to seriously consider keeping but I bet you will see it turn up for sale somewhere soon!


make me pretty – sassy shelf

March 31, 2011

When I found this curvy little shelf at the thrift store I knew it was  the perfect candidate for a re-do. It had an interesting shape and was built solid (this shelf weighs at least 10 lbs.) but someone had painted it a boring color complete with drip marks.

So I picked out some pretty paper (handmade wrapping paper fro World Market) and got some paint to match. Here is the after:

Also, I learned a really smart trick for hanging things easily. This shelf has two nail holes which I would usually try to guess at and have to re-nail 10 times ending up frustrated and with lots of holes in my walls. Well I was watching Secrets From A Stylist the other day and learned this simple trick that I can’t believe I didn’t think of myself.

Get a piece of tissue paper and put in on the back of you shelf or frame. You can cut the paper to be the exact size of the shelf to help you position it on the wall. Then take a nail and make a little hole over each hanging bracket.

Then put you paper up on the wall where you want to hang your shelf. Hammer a nail in each of the little holes you made. Rip your paper off the wall and then hang up your shelf on the first try on you perfectly placed nails!


make me pretty – girlie desk and chair

June 23, 2010

This poor desk was the victim of a bad makeover. An unfortunate paint job and a few too may drawer pulls. I needed to take it back to a simpler place. I felt like this desk wanted to be a little girlie with all it’s fancy molding. My inspiration came from these amazing drawer pulls I found on clearance at Anthropology. They are made in India and actually open up so you can change the fabric that shows through.

Enough talk. Here is the before:


And after:

Frankie was trying to get in every shot, so I finally let him have his spot as the star of the show!


make me pretty – a proper little table gets a new twist

May 27, 2010

I know you will recognize this table. I think you can find it in a third of American homes – it’s from the Bombay Company. Anyway, I picked it up at at a yard sale – a challenge to myself. How am I going to take this stuffy little table and make it cool?

So I did what I usually do – went searching for the perfect fabric. It wasn’t exactly easy – I needed something funky but not too crazy. This table is so conservative how would I find fabric that would jazz it up without looking completely ridiculous? Then I saw it – the brown in it would match the stain of the table helping to pull it all together. I painted the edge of the table top a light blue that’s in the fabric to make it interesting.