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make me pretty – curvy chair

September 18, 2013

This chair got stuck in my garage. Hidden behind the bins of kids clothes and furniture projects waiting for my attention. I had even bought the fabric for it – like, a year ago. Anyway, I pulled her out, dusted her off and got to work.

I fell in love with the curvy lines of this chair – the shiny black finish and boring fabric, not so much. I painted it cream and distressed it very lightly. I just wanted to really accentuate the curves. Then I re-covered the seat with super pretty floral fabric. I love the colors!

Now she is at Orange in Carytown.








make me pretty – mid century chair

July 30, 2013

I have been a little bit distracted this summer. By this:


And this:


But I have been getting back to my furniture. I love the clean lines of this chair and I even decided not to paint the wood! Jasper helped me pick out the fabric. I re-stained the wood and painted the metal.


photo-34 photo-33 photo-35

If you like her, you can find her at Orange in Carytown!


make me pretty – geometric chair

March 1, 2013

I taught my “paint finishes and techniques for furniture” class again last weekend at the Visual Arts Center. It is such a fun class to teach. We went over seven different paint techniques for furniture and practiced them on wooden test tiles. I also brought in a chair and we re-did it from start to finish, as a class.

The students had three fabric choices and the class voted on which to use. Then we picked the paint color and the glaze. Everyone took turns sanding and painting and using the electric staple gun to reupholster the seat. I love watching people use power tools for the first time!

I am always surprised how well these chairs turn out, with 8 people deciding the fate of the furniture.

I am teaching the class again in July, if anyone is interested. Go to and search under “three dimensions”.

The chair before:


And after:






make me pretty – fancy desk

November 28, 2012

It all started with Trading Spaces. Did you ever watch that show, on TLC?

Two neighbors would trade houses for a weekend and redo one room with the help of a designer and a handyman. It was really all about which designer you happened to get – my favorites where Genevieve Gorder and  Laurie Smith. And then there was the “king of country” Frank Bielec. If you happened to get him designing your room, well, you were just screwed.

After Trading Spaces, Laurie Smith came out with a book:

And then a fabric line that was sold at Hancock Fabric:

I bought a couple of yards of this fabric with a master plan of something that I can’t even remember now. But I still really like it and have used it to recover a couple chairs.

I had one of these chairs sitting around that I hadn’t sold and I had a desk that I bought at a yard sale last summer and I decided I should re-do the desk to go with the chair. I didn’t take a before picture of the desk but it was a basic brown. I decided to paint it cream to match the chair and then paint the same design from the fabric onto the desk top. I traced the pattern onto paper and then used a piece of transfer paper to get the design onto the desktop. Then I bought a bunch of tester paints to match the colors in the fabric and got to painting. I always forget how long it takes to hand paint something but man is it tedious! Oh well, it’s done. Thanks for the inspiration Laurie!









make me pretty – sassy red chair

November 15, 2012

I have been playing it too safe lately. Too much cream and pale gray. So I decided to step out of my comfort zone. It’s time for red!

Here is the chair before:

I am still loving the red and pale blue combo so I decided to pair up my bright red chair with a blue and white chevron seat cushion.




I took this little lovely over to the West End Antiques Mall never really expecting it to sell. I have developed a theory that only my more conservative pieces sell there. But this chair proved me wrong. I obviously still have no idea how things work over there! She sold in a couple weeks.

PS – This is not the first time I’ve worked on this style chair. See the other re-do here.






make me pretty – 70’s chair take two

October 6, 2012

When I get a set of chairs I know I should re-do them the same and keep them as a set. But that is so boring! So when I re-did this chair match, I bought enough fabric to do the set. Then I stumbled upon another super cute pattern that would work with the  chair too.

So we are going to play the really fun game: which re-do do you like best!

Here is the chair before:

And here is the first re-do:

And the latest re-do:

SometimesWhen 20121006-141636.jpg






So leave a comment and let me know which one is your favorite!


make me pretty – the chair my class made

September 19, 2012

Last weekend I taught my paint techniques workshop at the Visual Arts Center. Not only do we go over seven different paint techniques for furniture but we also re-do one piece of furniture as a class. I bring in a chair, fabric choices, and we choose a paint color, wether or not to distress, and what type of glaze or antiquing to do. This is a lot of decisions to make by group vote and there were ten people in the class this time. There is so much potential for this experiment to go terribly wrong but somehow it always works out.

So here is the chair I brought in for my class, it was $4 at a yard sale in my neighborhood.

And the chair after. I think my class did an excellent job. I hope they had a good time – I know I did!