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make me pretty – sweet antique estate sale chairs

August 29, 2012

Have you ever been to the Overbrook estate sale? If you haven’t you really should check it out. It’s held once a month in a warehouse on Overbrook Rd., kind of back behind the Diamond. They have a ton of stuff and the place seams to go on forever. I always seem to find something I want.

The last time I stopped by I fell in love with these chairs. They were only $10 each! I know most people would look at them and be like “ya, there’s a reason – there is no seat!” But I can fix that. So I picked up two of them and went to check out (bring cash or check, they don’t take plastic) and you know what the really nice Overbrook Estates lady did for me? She threw in the third chair for free! I didn’t even ask. I already thought I was getting a deal but the third chair seriously made my day!


So the first thing I had to do was tear out the old seat. Lots of hay, tacks, old leather and dust! I actually wore a mask it was so nasty!

Then I sanded, primed and painted. I distressed the chair to bring out all the detail and then covered it with a coat of furniture wax.

Next I made a little template for the size of my seat and had my dad cut out a piece of wood for me. Then I attached some nice thick foam and covered it with fabric. You can attach the new seat from the bottom with “L” brackets.
When I was all finished I brought the chair upstairs to take pictures of it before I took it to the antiques mall and my mom, who was over watching my kids, saw it and decided she had to have it. So this chair is now living at my parents house.

And my helpful hint for the day – self drilling skills. They have these little teeth at the bottom that help the screw go into the wood. I know I sometimes have a hard time holding the drill and putting enough pressure behind it to get the screw in. These screws make it so much easier!


make me pretty – an ikea update

August 8, 2012

I love Ikea. As much as I love vintage furniture there is another part of me that loves shiny, new Ikea furniture. It’s my happy place. I could wander around that store for hours.

So when I found this old kids Ikea chair at a thrift store in Northern VA I knew I had to give it a new life. It had been used at a pre-school but was still in really good shape. I just had to replace the support bar across the bottom.



I removed the cushion and took the whole frame apart. I replace the base support board and spray painted the frame in a black gloss. Then I went to taking the cushion apart. I took pictures so I would remember how it all went back together.


I let Jasper help me decide on the fabric since it was a kiddo chair. Ironically we picked an Ikea fabric that I happened to have a yard of. Here is the finished chair.

The chair has been kid tested and approved!


paint techniques and finishes for furniture

July 3, 2012

I taught my first class at the Visual Arts Center this weekend and it was so much fun! I was a little nervous before we got started (ok, I had major butterflies). But once I met my students, and heard about all their crafty adventures, I knew we would have a good time!

The weekend workshop was about different paint techniques for furniture. We practiced on test tiles, covering seven different techniques. We also re-did a chair together.

I wasn’t sure how a chair re-do by consensus would turn out but I have to say I am impressed! And painting goes so much faster with four people!

Here are some of the paint finishes we practiced:

And here is our chair before:

And after we worked our magic:

I’m teaching this same workshop in the fall and an intensive at the end of August where everyone will bring their own piece of furniture and we will re-do them together. If you think you might like to sign up you should visit the Visual Arts Center’s website. They have tons of really great classes and it is such a fun space. I was a student there before I became a teacher!


make me pretty – 70s chair made modern

June 20, 2012

I know I’ve mentioned before how much I like Vienna, VA. It’s not just because my best friend lives there – it’s also because they put their big trash on the street, in front of their houses, to be picked up. Hello drive by free furniture pick up! I love it. Thank you Corbin, for scoring these awesome 70’s chairs for me! There are four but I have only re-done the first one. How much are you loving this crazy green shaggy fabric?


And after. I found this amazing fabric at ufab. I thought it was the perfect mix of vintage and modern – an updated 70’s leaf motif.


darling octopus and r•home magazine – march issue

March 6, 2012

Pick up this months R•Home magazine and you will see one of my chair re-do’s step by step. I give you all of my secrets!

Everything looks so pretty in the magazine but it’s not all so glamorous behind the scenes. The photographer had a special assistant at this photo shoot – frankie!

That’s right, not only did he have to worry about lighting and composition, he also had to work around this snorting, snaggle tooth pug who thought he should be in every picture. Or we should at least stop everything and rub his belly!

The other two guys around my house who are always trying to get in on the action are Jasper and Emerson. Here they are posing with the chair before her big makeover:

One more thing that I wanted to tell you is that this chair is not alone! I have three more just like her and a dining table that are all going to get the same treatment and become a set. If you are going to paint your furniture the pieces don’t need to match perfectly. The table I have is not originally part of the set with the chairs but once it is all painted the same I doubt you will be able to tell.


make me pretty – green chair

February 10, 2012

When my friend, Leslie, sent me a link to the blog Nine Red I fell in love with this green chair.

Photo from Nine Red

So when I stumbled across this chair in the alley, I knew I would have to make it green. I know that this chair is missing a seat, the top piece of wood is busted and it’s, um, metallic gold. But it is so cute! Even in this state – can’t you see the cuteness!

So I chiseled off the broken wood piece, sanded down the metallic gold and got to painting. When I distressed the chair some of the gold peeked through and I kind of love it! I might just have to put a layer of gold paint after priming in some future projects to get the same effect.

So I’m guess this chair once had a cane seat and that is why there are all of these holes. I cut out a piece of wood for my seat base, added foam, batting and fabric and then secured it to the chair using these handy “L” brackets.

We have gotten in a new habit during my photo shoots. The boys like to climb up and get in on the action. Jasper has gotten really into dressing up lately, this week he has been a power ranger, iron man, a ninja and today he was venom (spider man’s enemy – I can’t believe I know this!)


make me pretty – a mini chair for Jasper

August 15, 2011

Jasper has his own mini Formica kitchen table and little chair. I found them at a yard sale and was so excited to update the chair. I had actually bought some other fabric for his chair, but when I had some leftover from this chair, I changed my plan.

Here is Jasper and his table and chair the day I brought it home from the yardsale.




And his adorable mini-chair re-done with the gorgeous Anna Maria Horner laminated cotton.