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darling octopus and r•home magazine – the july issue

June 28, 2012

The new R•Home Magazine is out and my how-to article is all about creating a fun space in your backyard. I take an old window and make it into an outdoor chalk board – perfect to entertain your kids on these hot summer days.

Writing this how-to wasn’t much of a stretch outside of my comfort zone. And now I think it’s time for me to admit it. I have a chalk board obsession!

When I started to think about it I realize that with this new chalk board we now have a total of 4 chalk boards at our house. That’s kind of a lot, right? Part of the problem is that I am a list maker and the chalk board really comes in handy and it is great kid entertainment.

Here is our kitchen chalk board – and it gets the most use. We write down things as we run out of them so I remember to pick them up at the store. I recovered the top cork board section with a piece of fabric to make it a little cuter.


This vintage chalk board hangs in the office area of my mom cave. It has a picture for each letter of the alphabet and the “G” had a gun drawing. I found a goat sticker and covered up the gun. I didn’t want to deal with the “What is that a picture of, Mommy?” question.


And you might remember this craft project –  a kids table painted with a chalk board top. I will warn you that once you buy the chalkboard paint you will want to use it on everything.

And one more idea to leave you with. I haven’t made these yet myself but I think these wine glasses look like a fun project. Everyone could write their name on their glass so things don’t get confused. You can get the directions at Vivaciously Vintage.

Photo from Vivaciously Vintage.


getting crafty with the kids

September 28, 2011

I am always looking for fun craft projects to do with my kids. I don’t usually blog about this kind of stuff but we had so much fun with these latest projects that I thought I should spread the word.

So I have a magazine obsession. I love to go threw them, tear them about and save pages. I use to faithfully put all these torn out pages into categorized notebooks. Now I just have piles and piles and pages waiting. Oh, and I have Pinterest, so maybe the magazine thing will fade away. Although I find it oddly relaxing.

Anyway, Jasper started looking at the magazines over my shoulder and wanting to save pictures of thing he liked. That made me think of the perfect craft project! We got some of those big, flat marbles and then picked out pictures that would fit under them. We collected all of our images (mine cool patterns and maybe a celebrity chef and Jasper’s stars, birds, and the Geico Gecko) cut them to the right size circle and mod podged them on. Then we glued magnets on the back and they really turned out super cute. We are totally giving these guys for gifts this Christmas!

Can you spot the celebrity chef?

Our next project got the whole family involved. It all started when I bought Jasper this giant robot at the thrift store. He had batteries but wasn’t working when I bought him – ended up he never worked and Jasper decided he didn’t want him. But I wasn’t really ready to say goodbye. This robot was kind of cool looking. What if I spray painted him white and made some kind of art piece out of him? Or better yet – Chalk Board Paint!! Then he will be a 3-dimensional coloring project that we can erase and re-do.

Even Emerson got in on the drawing (notice he is using a crayon) but mostly I had to try to keep the chalk out of his mouth. Yes, we are still in that phase.

All this robot coloring gave me another idea – pumpkins! Halloween is coming and fun would it be for the kids to draw the faces on their pumpkins, especially kids that are to young to really get in on the carving.

I found these plastic pumpkins for $1 each at the thrift store. A couple of coats of chalkboard paint and they are ready to go!






So the lesson here is that chalk board paint is addictive – really addictive!


make me pretty – kid’s art area and chalk board table

September 22, 2011

We have been in the process of re-organizing and pretty-ing up our basement. When we moved in to this house the basement walls were painted bright yellow and there was wall to wall red shag carpet. Did the Redskins live here? Since then we pulled up the carpet and laid down linoleum tile (the yellow walls are still around.) Now we are working on a built in desk/work station under the stairs but this basement space has to serve a lot of purposes: man cave, office, workout area, studio space, guest room, kids play area.

It was really important to me to have a small art area for the kids down there. Where better to bust out the play dough and finger paints! When my best neighbor ever Bill found this little table for me in an alley I knew this piece would be staying at my house. The table is super sturdy and the perfect height for Emerson when standing up and Jasper when sitting down.

I sanded the table down and primed it. Then I painted everything except the table top in a pretty muted turquoise. Then I painted the table top with chalkboard paint. Once that dried I was conveniently able to draw my border design with chalk and then fill it in with the turquoise paint.

Above the table I added a little art gallery wall to display the kids most recent art work. I happened to go to Hobby Lobby on a 50% off frames day and got these guys for $2 each – Score!

Of course the first thing Jasper did was try to draw on the paint border but it washed right off! Take that 3 year old trouble maker!


make me pretty – kids activity table

January 11, 2010

Since having a baby I have become kind of obsessed with kids furniture. I guess I had never really paid attention to it before and now this whole new corner of the design world has opened up. So when I found this table at the thrift store I new I wanted to make into something fun.

I ended up meeting someone looking for an activity table for her son so we put are heads together and came up with a plan. I suggested a chalkboard table top and she wanted to incorporate some animal decals she had used in her son’s room.

I ended up making color copies of the decals to get them to the right size for the scale of the table. I attached the animal print cut outs with spray mount and then covered them with mod podge and then many, many cotes of water based polyurethane.

I put in a shelf so the family could add storage baskets. That involved a trip to the lumber section of Lowes, which I can’t help but be slightly intimidated by. Luckily I found a board that was exactly the right width and I just had them cut the length. Here is how it turned out.

Jasper was in love with this table. He wanted me to tell him the name of every animal 100 times. So I am pretty sure the little boy that I made it for is going to have lots of fun with it.