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make me pretty – sassy red chair

November 15, 2012

I have been playing it too safe lately. Too much cream and pale gray. So I decided to step out of my comfort zone. It’s time for red!

Here is the chair before:

I am still loving the red and pale blue combo so I decided to pair up my bright red chair with a blue and white chevron seat cushion.




I took this little lovely over to the West End Antiques Mall never really expecting it to sell. I have developed a theory that only my more conservative pieces sell there. But this chair proved me wrong. I obviously still have no idea how things work over there! She sold in a couple weeks.

PS – This is not the first time I’ve worked on this style chair. See the other re-do here.






make me pretty, again – i re-do my own re-do

July 11, 2012

Whenever I talk to people about re-doing furniture I always say “Don’t be afraid to try something new. What’s the worst that can happen? It’s just paint and fabric, you can always do it again if you don’t like how it turns out.”

And honestly, most pieces I re-do I fall in love with. I almost keep most of them before I finally decide I can let them go. But every once in a while there is one that is just not quite right. So I just try to live with it for a while, until I can figure it out.

That’s what happened with this table. Here is the before:

And here she is after the first re-do:

For some reason, I could never feel right about the fabric on top. You can read more about the original re-do here.

So it sat in my basement for a long time and I wasn’t really sure what to do with it until Pinterest inspired me. I saw a picture of a table that a girl had turned into a kitchen cart and I knew what was meant to be!

I added a towel rack, casters and a chevron wood top. Now I am in love!

PS – I just opened a booth at the West End Antiques Mall (more on that soon) and you can find this lovely lady there if you want to see her in person.


the big reveal – bathroom makeover

June 7, 2012

Our bathroom is finally done! Let me just give you a little reminder of how hideous it was before:

So we gutted the whole room, pushed part of a wall back, took out a radiator, fixed pipes, put up drywall then tile. Then I painted and painted and painted. And here is how it all turned out:






I had dreamed up this chevron pattern bathtub surround after seeing this awesome picture of a wood floor on Pinterest. My friend Steve, who helped us with the renovation, helped me put it all together. We used a piece of plywood and then attached “hobby wood” (thin wood strips they sell at Lowes) in the pattern I wanted. I went to two salvage yards looking for some reclaimed wood to use but I just couldn’t find anything that was affordable and right for the project. I almost bought an old door to use instead but I am glad I went with the chevron pattern. I love how it turned out.





The hardest part of this whole project was picking out the tile. Our bathroom was so 70’s before I was terrified of picking something that would look totally dated in 5 years. I was also afraid of color after living with the avocado green and yellow for so long. So I decided to go with classic, neutral tile and add color on the walls and on the vanity – those things will be easy to re-paint when I get bored. I went to The Tile Shop to get my supplies and they were awesome. They really cater to the DIYer and even have free classes that teach you how to tile yourself. They helped me figure out how much to buy of everything and what kind of grout, etc.





I am totally in love. It is such a clean, relaxing space. The only down side, the rest of my house looks like crap in comparison!


before and after – chevron coat rack

June 10, 2011

When I found this coat rack in the alley in my neighborhood I thought it would be perfect for chevrons. Check out my inspiration – a super cute orange and white chevron coat rack from blogger The Sweet Survival.

And here is how my coat rack turned out. I took out all the pegs, painted it all white and then covered the back of the coat rack with a chevron fabric. Then I cut out the holes for the pegs and put them back in. For a cute touch, I painted the fronts of the pegs a blue color that was in the fabric.

I think The Sweet Survival coat rack is cuter but I really like mine too. Especially all the fun colors!


make me pretty – to be continued

June 6, 2011

I have fallen in love with this coat rack I saw over at The Sweet Survival. Chevrons + orange + funky hooks = super cute!

So when I found this old beat up coat rack in the alley today I thought it would be perfect to experiment on! I haven’t decided if I am going to use paint or fabric but check back later this week to see how it turns out!