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before and after – chevron coat rack

June 10, 2011

When I found this coat rack in the alley in my neighborhood I thought it would be perfect for chevrons. Check out my inspiration – a super cute orange and white chevron coat rack from blogger The Sweet Survival.

And here is how my coat rack turned out. I took out all the pegs, painted it all white and then covered the back of the coat rack with a chevron fabric. Then I cut out the holes for the pegs and put them back in. For a cute touch, I painted the fronts of the pegs a blue color that was in the fabric.

I think The Sweet Survival coat rack is cuter but I really like mine too. Especially all the fun colors!


make me pretty – to be continued

June 6, 2011

I have fallen in love with this coat rack I saw over at The Sweet Survival. Chevrons + orange + funky hooks = super cute!

So when I found this old beat up coat rack in the alley today I thought it would be perfect to experiment on! I haven’t decided if I am going to use paint or fabric but check back later this week to see how it turns out!