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make me pretty – curvy chair

September 18, 2013

This chair got stuck in my garage. Hidden behind the bins of kids clothes and furniture projects waiting for my attention. I had even bought the fabric for it – like, a year ago. Anyway, I pulled her out, dusted her off and got to work.

I fell in love with the curvy lines of this chair – the shiny black finish and boring fabric, not so much. I painted it cream and distressed it very lightly. I just wanted to really accentuate the curves. Then I re-covered the seat with super pretty floral fabric. I love the colors!

Now she is at Orange in Carytown.








make me pretty – my biggest project yet!

August 20, 2012

When I re-did this chair for R•Home magazine a couple months ago I knew that I had three more just like it waiting in the garage for me to work on. Along with a dining room table with a leaf. Oh my goodness, the same chair four times. This was not super exciting but seeing it all finished and put together is pretty awesome!

Here is the before:

And here it is all set up at the West End Antiques Mall.







The sad thing is that this dining set is so much nicer than the one I have at home (which could really use some work)! If I had a smaller family this might just have ended up in my house.


make me pretty – crazy victorian chair

October 7, 2011

I was walking through this crazy labyrinth of an estate sale and stumbled across this chair. It has a strange shape but I kind of love it. I didn’t actually try sitting in it until I got it home. This chair is super uncomfortable – the back feels like a rock!

And the whole thing is dark and depressing. I have to bust out the cream paint!

So when I started to take the chair apart I found this crazy hay bale cushion. WTF? Someone had reupholstered this chair recently and they left this in? It had to come out!

I pulled out all of the hay and put in new webbing. Then I put in a piece of soft, comfy foam and covered that with batting. I put a layer of batting on the back too.

Then I covered the seat and chair back with this gorgeous fabric I found at u-fab. It reminds me of watercolors and adds the touch of modern that I think this old chair needs. I made my own trim and decided to double it up on top but only do one layer on the bottom.

Here she is:


make me pretty – a curvy little chair

April 7, 2011

This is one of my favorite chairs I have re-done. I can’t believed I stumbled upon this curvy beauty at the thrift store. It was on the top shelf, and I had the baby strapped to me, but I had to have it! The thrift store employees were nice enough to not only get it down for me but also walk it to my car and wedge it in the front seat! People are so nice when you have a baby with you!

Anyway, I am not a huge fan of dark wood (have you noticed that yet?) So I decided to lighten it up with my favorite cream paint and a beautiful blue fabric that feels sort of Asian-y to me.

Here is the before:

And after:

This is one of those projects that I have to seriously consider keeping but I bet you will see it turn up for sale somewhere soon!


my wine is prettier than yours

June 30, 2010

In between the furniture pieces I try to squeeze in some smaller projects. I was excited to work on this wine rack because I really liked it’s modern shape. Here is how I found it:

And after some paint and pretty paper:

Like this wine rack? Go see it on Etsy!


make me pretty – girlie desk and chair

June 23, 2010

This poor desk was the victim of a bad makeover. An unfortunate paint job and a few too may drawer pulls. I needed to take it back to a simpler place. I felt like this desk wanted to be a little girlie with all it’s fancy molding. My inspiration came from these amazing drawer pulls I found on clearance at Anthropology. They are made in India and actually open up so you can change the fabric that shows through.

Enough talk. Here is the before:


And after:

Frankie was trying to get in every shot, so I finally let him have his spot as the star of the show!


make me pretty – i want to be an elegant chair

May 13, 2010

This sad thrift shop chair had such gorgeous lines it was just screaming out to be made pretty and elegant – an Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s kind of chair. I can help with that!

This is the before:

I wanted to lighten the chair up so I painted it my favorite cream color and chose some amazing fabric I had been sitting on for a while. Did you ever watch Trading Spaces? I was obsessed, as you might guess. Anyway, one of the designers, Laurie Hickson-Smith developed her own fabric line and I picked up several yards of it years ago and am just now getting around to using it. I loved Laurie’s southern design aesthetic almost as much as my favorite designer from the show, Genevieve Gorder, who might just have the best taste ever. You should check out her show, Dear Genevieve, which is currently on HGTV.

OK, so back to my chair – here is the finished piece:

If I was one of those people who named my furniture pieces this one would get a fancy name like Blair or Isabella. You may recognize it from the Belle Magazine Upcylcing article – that’s totally what this chair deserves, photo shoots and media coverage!